Topsail Island, North Carolina

All In Charters with Captain Andy and Adam Powell, Topsail Island
All In Charters with Captain Andy and Adam Powell

Topsail Island Fishing Boat Charters

Last Resort Charters with Captain Wayne Crisco

Captain Wayne has a 23' May Craft.  Capt. Wayne is the master of Flounder.  I have personally seen this boy with a 9 lb Flounder.  He isn't too shabby at Speckled Trout either.  For light tackle inshore fishing Captain Wayne is one of the Best.

Full $450.00 Half $350.00  All prices are for 3 People.  He Can Take up to Four with a $25.00 surcharge for each one over 3. 

Gottafly Guide Service

Specializing in fly and light tackle sight fishing, is run out of Surf City, NC by Captain Lee Parsons.   The boat is a 21' southern skimmer that can be poled in the skinny water flats that provide tremendous sight fishing opportunities for the red drum, North Carolina's state fish.   

Full $475.00 Half $375.00  All prices are for 4 People.  3 anglers are optimum but a fifth angler can be accommodated upon request.

Capt Allen Jernigan "Breadman"

I have been beating the local waters of Sneads Ferry and the surrounding area my whole life, both recreationally and commercially. Fishing has always been a huge part of my life, whether it is tournament day, or teaching someone where to look for and how to catch a flatfish for the first time.
Flounder fishing the pier with my mother, or running out of the inlet with my father, I caught the fishing bug at a very early age.  My mom taught me almost everything I know about flounder fishing. That is just about all she did after school and during the summer while growing up. They both had a passion for flounder that they passed on to me, and my Mother is still my favorite partner to have on board.

Full day Inshore Fishing $400.00

Flounder Gigging
4 Hr $250.00
4 Hr- All Night $400.00

Capt Larry Lanier

Capt. Larry has been fishing the Topsail area since he was a kid.  You will be fishing out of a 21' Nautic star for the day.   
Full $400.00 Half $300.00  All prices are for 3 People.  3 anglers are optimum but a fifth angler can be accommodated upon request.

Capt. Todd Streeter / Chasin Tail Charters  

A Coast Guard licensed full time guide residing in Southport, NC. He trailers his skiffs anywhere from the lower reaches of the Cape Fear River  to North Topsail Beach to seek the finest inshore Light Tackle and Fly Fishing the Southern coastal waters have to offer.  His life has been consumed with all things outdoors since the age of 6 when he received his first Boron fly rod and casting lessons from his Grandfather, who was a commercial fly tier and custom tackle builder.  Whether your desire lies in stalking North Carolina's state fish, the Red Drum, on back country tidal flats, getting that once in a lifetime shot at a tailing Red in the flooded Spartina grass miles from the nearest boat as a rising full moon lights it's tail like a blue beacon, a trip targeting  Speckled Trout, Ladyfish, False Albacore, Jack Crevalle, or a Cape Fear Slam(Red Drum, Trout, and Flounder). He considers it a necessity to tailor the adventure to the individual. Whether you're a Master Level casting instructor or eager first timer, you will find a patient and attentive Captain who will make every effort to insure an educational and memorable trip. 

Full $400.00 Half $300.00

Offshore Charters

All In Charters with Captain Andy and Adam Powell

You will be fishing on a 28' Sailfish.  Captain Andy and Adam are experts when it comes to light tackle fishing for King Mackerel and Dolphin.  If you would like to do some jigging for bottom dwellers, they can do that too.  Captain Andy and Adam will pick you up as close as possible on the island.  Captain Andy and Adam have been fishing these waters all their life and will put you on the fish.

Prices 1/2 $600.00  3/4 $700.00 Full $800 Gulf $1000


offshore charters topsail
offshore charters

Rough and Ready Charters with Captain Joe Hifko

You will be fishing on a 25' Sea Hawk.  Captain Joe has 20+ years of commercial bottom fishing under his belt.  No one knows Grouper better than Capt. Joe.  He will even take you on a new advernture to the fishing community and that is jigging for bottom dwellers such as Grouper, Snapper and Amberjacks.  Here is a picture of Captain Joe with a taste of what he has to offer.

Half $600 Full $1200-$1400

offshore charters topsail
offshore charters topsail

BlueWater Bound Charters with Captain Roy Jarman

You will be fishing on a 31' Cape Horn with twin Yammaha 250 four stroke engines. She is a fast dry boat to get you to the fishing grounds quicker.  Captian Jarman has been fishing these waters his whole life and was raised up in a commercial fishing family.  

Prices Full $800 Half $600 Gulf $1200

Inshore and Offshore Charters with Captain TJ Jarman

Capt. Tj is great at finding those good numbers of inshore blck drum for you to fill your cooler with.  He is not too shabby at offshore fishing eaither.  On his 27' Mako you will have plenty of room to fish.  4 anglers are comfy but he will accomidate a fifth for a small fee.

Inshore 1/2 day $400 Offshore 1/2 day $550 

4 Seasons Charters with Captain Marty Weaver

Are you looking something a little more personal. Are you wanting to take out the kids and make a few memories or just a group of friends and have a little fun. Are you looking for someone who wants to cater to you and your needs. Then this is the boat for you. 

Prices Full $700 Half $500

Offshore Adventures with Capt. Tommy Berry

Capt. Tommy is a life long fisherman with the lust for fishing that makes a good angler.  Attention to detail and a drive to catch fish make Capt. Tommy a true professional.

Prices Full $700 Half $450

East Coast Sports Offshore with Capt. Randall Edens

Capt. Randall is a life long fisherman.  He has won the SKA and many other king mackerel fishing tournaments in his career.  If you are looking for a Big King he is the man to go with.

Prices Full $900 Half $700 Gulf $1200.00

Hooked Up Charters with Capt. Ike Leggett

Capt. Ike is a fisherman of the first class.  Hop abord his 27' Grady White Sailfish and fish in comfort. Full electronics, Radar, Life raft and enclosed head. Capt Ike is great in the persuit of Grouper, King and others.  The prices are for 4 people more can be accomidated for a small fee.

Prices Full $800 Half $600 Nearshore $450.00

Bad Habit Sportfishing With Capt. Marc Hairston

Whether fishing the beach for Spanish,catching a Grouper for dinner, live baiting for King Mackeral, Cobia and Mahi, or trolling for Wahoo, Tuna, and Marlin, Captain Marc Hairston will put you on fish. We are able to accomplish this with years of local experience in both recreational and commercial fishing, professionalism, and state of the art equipment. Call today to book the trip of a lifetime! 

Nearshore Half/$450   Nearshore Full/$650   Offshore Full/$850   Gulfstream and Winter Bluefin/$1050




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